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Re: t-shirt design ideas
From: pomplamoose contests (pomplacontests@gmail.com)

To: Suryananda Mahtakusuma (sumanza_032yahoo.com)


i saw your blog today with the design, and I went nuts!! so good! we LOVE it!

question - even if we don't end up using it as our t-shirt, is it cool if we use it for other design purposes? maybe on a poster or on our myspace or website, or something?

many thanks! it looks so awesome! you're a crazy good designer!


Jack Conte from pomplamoose replied my email! yayyy
even if later they didn't choose my design for the t-shirt contest or even use my design, I'm still very very very grateful that they like my design hehehehe


so thank you so much pomplamoose! all the best for you guys

another thing, i watched sepet today. It's a malay movie directed by the wonderful Yasmin Ahmad. To be honest i never seen any good malay movies, until my friend suggest me to see this one. Yasmin Ahmad manages to create a light movie from a heavy subject which is a complicated love story between a Chinese boy and a malay girl who has different cultural background and believes. she also gives a very interesting ending where she lets the audience to have an open interpretation towards it, u'll get what i mean when u watch it.

I think this movie is great! it's easy to understand, and the way the story goes is great, not to mention it has lots of funny part. I love it! go watch

(i realize that i have a huge problem with my spelling and grammar huahuahuhaua)


  1. glad that u love that sepet movie.
    im truly glad.

    oh i miss late yasmin.she's the best.
    may God bless her soul.

  2. yep it's really really nice, i like the dad tho ahaha funny guy,.. she is extraordinary huh

  3. yeah. totally extraordinary woman.
    she's the only one who truly being herself when making a movie.no racism.
    no differences between malay,chinese & indian.
    that's what she's trying to tell malaysians.

    ergh.ok.im getting sad here.huhu.

    ohh btw,do watch petronas's tvc if u have some times.she's the director for most of them.
    especially for aidilfitri tvc.

  4. i can't agree more : you're a crazy good designer!