fernika thomas

~fernika thomas~
fun session with the amazing
Ila scaffer last semester

all photo taken by me with nikon d80 // nikkor 50mm f/1.8

my tvc assignment
for multimedia class
all footage shot with a nikon d90

and edited in after effects CS3

gilang // redha // oreey

special thanks to:
vincent // dani // ayus

goto80 - the meaning of love



i just find out a really really upsetting news from the band i love the most

Dear friends,

We have come to an extremely difficult decision. It has come time for us to move on from Copeland and follow other paths in our lives. We are absolutely grateful to have been able to make music for as long as we have. In the last 9 years we've been able to see parts of the world that we never dreamt we would see. We have shared the stage and built friendships with immensely talented artists. We've been afforded the opportunity to make 4 records that we're extremely proud of. Most of all, we feel honored that people have cared so much for our band and for our art. We appreciate every listener who has allowed our music to be a part of their lives. We want to offer our deepest thanks to every individual who has supported us on this ride. It has profoundly impacted our lives.

To put your minds at ease, we assure you this is not a bitter break up. We all individually feel Copeland has run its course in our lives and it’s time for us to pursue what is next. We couldn’t end things without a proper goodbye, so we are planning a final farewell tour in the US this coming Spring, as well as one final jaunt around the world to some of our favorite countries. We are really excited about seeing you all one more time, and we hope it turns out to be the best Copeland tour ever.

It has been discussed and we are not ruling out the possibility of recording one more album sometime in the future. However, this spring tour will be our last.

From the bottom of hearts, thank you for all of your love and support.

Aaron, Bryan, Jon & Stephen

this really upsets me, it broke my heart man. Oreey and i was actually talking bout them earlier today, i never thought that they would've broke up. today is definitely a sad day, and also i never get the chance to see them live. mann this sucks so baaaddd! why copeland? why??

maybe later i will make a proper cover as a tribute to them, they are still the best band i ever heard and I wish them good luck to whatever path they choose.

(this day still sucks)


rindi puspita



~ rindi puspita ~

late session with master dody odz and master hilman fajar @ andy88 studio Balikpapan
i gotta admit that she is cute :p

all photos taken by me with nikon d80 // nikkor 50mm f/1.8
illustration done in adobeflash

guess what

Re: t-shirt design ideas
From: pomplamoose contests (pomplacontests@gmail.com)

To: Suryananda Mahtakusuma (sumanza_032yahoo.com)


i saw your blog today with the design, and I went nuts!! so good! we LOVE it!

question - even if we don't end up using it as our t-shirt, is it cool if we use it for other design purposes? maybe on a poster or on our myspace or website, or something?

many thanks! it looks so awesome! you're a crazy good designer!


Jack Conte from pomplamoose replied my email! yayyy
even if later they didn't choose my design for the t-shirt contest or even use my design, I'm still very very very grateful that they like my design hehehehe


so thank you so much pomplamoose! all the best for you guys

another thing, i watched sepet today. It's a malay movie directed by the wonderful Yasmin Ahmad. To be honest i never seen any good malay movies, until my friend suggest me to see this one. Yasmin Ahmad manages to create a light movie from a heavy subject which is a complicated love story between a Chinese boy and a malay girl who has different cultural background and believes. she also gives a very interesting ending where she lets the audience to have an open interpretation towards it, u'll get what i mean when u watch it.

I think this movie is great! it's easy to understand, and the way the story goes is great, not to mention it has lots of funny part. I love it! go watch

(i realize that i have a huge problem with my spelling and grammar huahuahuhaua)


this is novia

pretty girl novia loves william the bear


what happen

So, a little update from meh

hidup saya akhir2 ini agak hectic, kenapa begitu?

karena saya telah melewati hidup bersama cacar slama dua minggu

yang artinya saya harus jadi manusia kamar dalam waktu dua minggu

yang artinya saya harus mabok obat dalam waktu dua minggu

yang artinya saya harus banyak minum air putih dalam waktu dua minggu

yang artinya saya ga boleh makan telor dalam waktu dua minggu

yang jelas artinya saya ga bisa masuk kuliah dalam waktu dua minggu

dan apa yang harusnya terjadi di dua minggu itu?

seharusnya saya shooting video buat tugas tv commercial

seharusnya saya shooting video buat tugas short film

seharusnya saya jadi facilitator untuk design management

seharusnya saya masuk kelas 3D yang susah itu

seharusnya ya masuk kelas

dan apa yang
harusnya terjadi di dua minggu itu?
saya tidak bisa shooting video buat short film

saya tidak bisa jadi facilitator sehingga kelas harus d tunda 2 minggu

saya tidak bisa ikut kelas 3D yang susah itu

saya ya tidak bisa keluar rumah

jadi pada intinya pada saat ini tugas saya sudah menumpuk dan saya benar2 tertinggal. tapi untungnya saya smpet shoot buat tvc, ya at least ada satu lah yang keliatan

sisanya.... bubar....

meannwhileeee ini ada teaser buat tugas tvc saya

for pomplamoose

youtube certainly have so many interesting talents...
like this band for instance. Pomplamoose might only have two members but they sure know how to make GREAT music. the members are Nataly and Jack and both of them are really really talented. Here they are...

so you can see from the video that they are having a t-shirt design competition, and i decided to join hehehe
, so here is the design that i made


i know is not that great but hey at least i tried hehehe

so what do you guys think?


every silence

my attempt covering copeland's every silence
only half tho, and it's not that good hehehe

sorry for the bad sound quality i wasn't planning to record it at first


stephanie Tang


last semester break, great session with great friends :)

all photos taken by me with nikon d80 // nikkor 50mm f/1.8


fairuz mayya


~ my dear friend ~

all photo taken by me with nikon d80 // nikor 50mm f/1.8


back a bit


5 days later

I'm turning into a zombie!

gah gah gah garh gar
h nyaw nyaw aw aw aw hattchuuuuu!!!!


stay away, im contagious

Chlorpheniramine 4mg tab
1 tablet 3 times a day after food

Paracetamol 500mg tablets (panadol)
take 2 tablets 4 times a day after food

calamine lotion
apply lotion to the affected areas 3 times a day

acyclovir 400mg tab (virest)
take 2 tablets 5 times dail after food

it all began two days ago, now I'm officially contaminated by chickenpork (ayam babi) ahahaha

i never had chickenpox before, I've been avoiding it since forever but eventually it gets to me,..
bye bye two weeks of college,

ps : I'm gonna die after I'm recovered from this


michael jackson medley

i just have to share this with u guys!