sleep for sleepers

I've been listening to copeland since forever, and i never find any other band that sounds like them, but now there's sleep for sleepers!

If you read the bio for Sleep For Sleepers, you will see that they reference Copeland as an influence. This couldn't be more obvious when you listen to their new album, The Clearing. The vocals are high, often falsetto, and always smooth and sensitive. The guitars are backed by a dreamy layer of keyboards.
there are total 12 tracks in this album and i love everyone of them, especially "thieves & bones", and "statelines". The indie rock trio gives you a pleasant ride through their wonderful music.

i definitely like them, and if you listen to
deas vail or copeland you will definitely enjoy them too



now wouldn't it be cool if some of your photo printed in t-shirts!

captain straight edge

Captain straight edge has something to say

-internationalsuperheroesofhardcore // ISHC -


apa kabar disana

aku rindu kota itu dan smua yang ada di dalamnya
aku rindu kalian


Marhaban yaa Ramadhan

Good morning, Good night little ones



"uhhh,,what? it's morning oready?"

"maybe i shud wake kwacky up"

"zzzzzZZZZZZ kwack zzzzzzzZZZ"


"uhhhhhhhhhhhh? what? huh? what?!"

"ohh its u, go away clucky! don't disturb me, don't make me bite you!(yawn)"


see ya, good luck!

ok ok, i promise this would be the last post for today! ahahaha...
so one of my housemate is leaving Malaysia for good..
his name is martin, he's from Uganda, and i believe that he is the first African i know akakakaka

so his plane leaves tomorrow (19/08/09) at 2 in the morning...
he left the house around 11 today, and after he leaves we robed his stuff ahaha (peace man, ur not coming back r u)
So this is a picture of us (minus willy) when we went out together, we didn't get out together much and there's not a lot of photo of us together but we sure will goin to miss u man,..

good luck, take care, and may the force be with you!
from left-right : Harry, Achong, Me, Martin, Vincent
taken with vincent's camera @ TGI Friday, Pavillion


Mia Palencia

who is she?

she is a Malaysian Singer songwriter, jazz crooner, voice actor, public speaker and occasionally a theatre personality, Mia Palencia is a woman of many talents. my friend Ian suggest me to listen to hersongs , and i really enjoy her music and her unique heavy voice, especially the song called sayang, i can't tell how much i love dat song... one of a kind!

if u like jazz, no doubt that u will like her, go listen...

past week

birdpark // putrajaya // pechakuchanight // independenceday



sudah lama banget ga nengok nguping jakarta