see ya, good luck!

ok ok, i promise this would be the last post for today! ahahaha...
so one of my housemate is leaving Malaysia for good..
his name is martin, he's from Uganda, and i believe that he is the first African i know akakakaka

so his plane leaves tomorrow (19/08/09) at 2 in the morning...
he left the house around 11 today, and after he leaves we robed his stuff ahaha (peace man, ur not coming back r u)
So this is a picture of us (minus willy) when we went out together, we didn't get out together much and there's not a lot of photo of us together but we sure will goin to miss u man,..

good luck, take care, and may the force be with you!
from left-right : Harry, Achong, Me, Martin, Vincent
taken with vincent's camera @ TGI Friday, Pavillion

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