not for $ale

a short movie for multimedia design class

a story about mental abuse (kinda)
how parents force their children to grow up too fast
how parents force their desire towards their children
how parents "sell" their child to other people

alice Hoang as Mrs Rini
Martina as Mrs Diana
Sita Raditya as Mrs erna
Annie Bui as Mrs Ita
Stephen Minolta as budi
Novia Shin as Novia
Benyamin Rusli as Dika
Amelia Agustine as Amel

the sims soundtracks
excitebike - title & play
Polysics - bokutachi Nojikan (our time!)

chicken dance / warkop -dongkrak antik

Nikon d90
Adobe premiere CS4
Adobe after effects CS4
Adobe audition 1.5

//special thanks
Mr stone
willy wijaya for the camera and tripod
Gideon Hananiel for helping me lifting the sofa
Randy Raharja for the laptop
Sita Raditya and housmates for the house
willy gunawan for borrowing the barbie
Lily for the Barbie
Oreey ardyasa for the super imac
all my awesome classmates
and you!

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