freedom feels good pt 3

Melaka : 04/12/09
what do u do if u have nothing to do? sleep? well dat was my plan before Willy, Gideon and Randy ask me to join them for a random trip to melaka. Hellooooo melaka! we meet again...

so we were actually planning to go at 2... in the morning.. ahahahaha but the power of mr sandman is too strong so we finally go around 4am . it was a 2 hours drive anyway, going at 2 means "what the hell are we going to do after we reach there".

So, yea we reach melaka around 7 we had our breakfast at KFC, everyone is having breakfast but Gideon is having dinner instead. dasar SAPI....

from left to right : randy - willy - Gideon - sita


Melaka is located in the southern region of the Malay penisular. It is a historical city, so there are many museums and other history related places, which means that it will be a very boring day for Gideon ahahahaa.

1. Jonker street in the early morning

Jonker street is like china town. It's famous for it's antique goods and it will be very crowded every weekend nights. it's a must to go here if u visit Melaka. most of the shops are still close off course coz we came too early. but we did stop to buy some onde2 ahaha.
it's not onde2 actually it's klepon.

from left to right :sita - randy - me - gideon
i still don't know what is gideon trying to do

2. St paul's church

St paul's church is a burial ground for the dutch for their noble dead. It is located behind the museum. We were lucky coz there aren't so many people so we could take pictures freely akakaka.


3. The Museum
ok, this is what i mean by "a very boring day for Gideon" ahahaha

willy :
stares at a painting and felt the emotion
Randy :
stares at a painting and study the process of making it
Sita :
stares at a painting and see how beautiful it was
Suma :
stares at a painting and try to understand what it was (at least I've tried)
Gideon :
stares at a painting anddd (krikk... krikk... krikkk.... krik...)


4. Dataran merdeka Mall
I don't exactly remember what's the name of this mall. But since we are mall generation people so we went there! ahaha. There's not much to see actually, we stop to eat (again) this explain why i gain 2 kg during holidays, man i gotta stop eating!

5. chicken rice ball

dat explains everything... LUNCH! didn't take any picture tho...

6. jonker street in the afternoon

walking... browsing... girls... walking.. browsing.. boring... walking.. browsing... japan... walking... browsing... es cendol... sleeping... wake up...

7. maritime museum

we actually plan to stay until the night market at jonker is open, but we were all tired and just want to go home ahaha so we went here for the last place. willy stepped on dog shit here... epic...


freedom feels super good!


NB: gideon is not that stupid ahaha, it's just a joke..

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