for good

so I'm leaving Malaysia for good, I've spent 4 years to pursue my studies there, and now I've graduated and become a bachelor (of art) :p with a quite satisfying result as well. It's been a long journey and I'm sure I'll be missing every bits during my studies in Malaysia. Mostly the people around me, oh i miss them already. It's funny when you are used to your daily routines then you suddenly stop doing it, you feel like some part of you are missing (super emo! ahahaha).

well anyway, I'm going back to Malaysia soon for one last time (as a student) to pick up my stuff, checking out from my condo, and several other matters that i need to attend to, then I'm leaving for good. thanks for the memories malaysia

Oh i miss going to classes...
sob sob sob


  1. sumiii..
    mau burger!!!

    ambil kuliah lagi sum.
    di sngpr. temenin aku.

  2. hihih ayo sini,.. maybe sumtime i come visit you pat.. sabar ya pat,. college is goin to be a roller coaster

  3. welcome home sum, and keep that spirit alive, coz sumtimes our beloved city is also dangerous for creative people hahahaha.....

    reminding each other is one of the crucial things to do... to keep CREATiVE while producing some money is quite hard hahahaha