from softcore to hardcore

hello earthlings, let's share some music play-list shall we, here's what I'm currently listening (based on country origin, not the language spoken). some are old songs, but most are new. You can search some of them on youtube.

// US - England

Anchor and Braille - summer tongues
~ Stephen christian(anberlin), with a touch of Aaron marsh(copeland) is goooood
Anthony Green - baby girl
~ i always love his voice since he's still in saosin
AJ Rafael - she was mine (ft Jesse barrera from 'my american heart') ~ sweet song

Box Car Racer - sorrow
~ flashback to junior high
Cartel - wasted
~ nice lyric and catchy tunes
Copeland - every silence
~ what can i say, i love copeland
Daphne loves derby - to struggle with light colors
~ one of my favorite band of all time
Enter shikari - juggernauts
~ chaos!
Imogen heap - tidal
~ catchy
Jamiroquai - canned heat
~ a bit of acid will make you dance
John mayer - heartbreak warfare
~ "once you want it to begin, no one really ever wins"
Lusine - twilight ~ this has nothing to do with that gay movie, random song i downloaded

Reign of kindo - nice to meet you
~ nice to meet this song indeed
Sleep for sleepers - stateline
~ copeland+deasvail
Something corporate - i woke up in a car
~ flashback to senior high
Sonny moore - gypsyhook
~ more sonny moore former 'from first to last' vocalist
The morning of - tell me im wrong
~ they suck live, but this song is good ahaha
Underoath - some seek forgiveness, others escape
~ Aaron marsh included

// Indonesia

Barry Likumahuwa - scholastica (ft Benny Likumahuwa)
~ Awesome bass player! Jempol keatas
Float - tiap senja
~ great folk(i don't really kno what is their genre) band
Maliq and d'essential - coba katakan
~ i can't say anything
Sore - 400 elegi
~ jazz/psychedelic/pop/rock, poetic lyrics, great music skills, unconventional melody, and other things that will blow your mind
21st night - tergila
~ i guess i just like it

// Korea

Clazziquai project - stepping out
~ feel like dancing hahaha
Eniac - i love you
~ sweet (even tho i dunno what the hell is he saying)

// Japan

Free tempo - miss you
~ yea i miss you too
Jill decoy association - summer
~ this song is fun! (the only part i understand is "falling love")
Monday michiru - sands of time
~ this one too!
YMCK - major swing
~ and also this one!

// Malaysia

Mia palencia - i decide
~ She's a great jazz singer, i love all her song
Mia palencia - mulberry bush

// French

Phoenix - if i feel better
~ actually i like most of their songs, but this one is just different


  1. If I may say something you shall listen to The Trees And The Wild, Sum. They're nice. ;)

  2. waaa thank you for the recommendation!! donlot dmana ya lagunya