waddap peeps! how u doin?
so yea college has started and i'm still not in the mood for assignments

3 month++ holiday makes my 'holiday mood' long lasting hohoho

anywayss, my friends back home have successfully 'poisoned' me with finger board!.

for those of you who doesn't kno, finger board is a small size skateboard that u play with ur fingers.

maybe u think this is silly, but it's actually fun ahahahaha..
trust me it's not as easy as u think, it took me a long time just to learn how to ollie (and i'm still not doing it the right way)
but after u learn that, i guess it's going to be easier. i'm not a skater, i have friends who skate but not me, i don't think i can ahaahaha dat's why i play fingerboard instead. i still dunno many tricks, rite now i only can do an ollie, shuv it, and a bit of low 360 flip and kickflip...

here's a video