what's next?

Looking at design inspirations websites like kitsune noir or change the thought made me realize i can't do most of the things there ahahaha. It's alright, my friend freyke once said "if you think you are not good enough, think that you are capable" and i know i am capable! i have my own thing goin, whatever dat is :p

during my studies i learn a lot. develop my sense of what's good and what's not (you guys shuld see my newsletter design in foundation, it's total craaapp! mwhahaha). havin great friends and tutors. making things that i think i couldn't possibly do before. I really enjoy being a graphic design/ multimedia student, really.

but what really worries me is, rite now I'm a final semester student, which means "you better find a good job after this or you will waste your four years of education abroad" ahahaha. I'm not like the super talented reza batak, or the smart randy raharja, the great ody samuel , even mr photographer willy wijaya. I am capable, sure! but what will i do good after i graduated? will i get a job? will i survive? a fresh graduate "designer" with no experience of the real world. scary if u ask me...
my responsibility after this is much more heavy...

anywaaaayyy, i'm planning to make my own name card. i'm not sure if this is possible but I've seen so many interesting name card design. so here's the design, tell me what do u think??


  1. Nice sum! :)
    Be careful with the phone number over there :(

  2. we will rock this town sum! yes we will......*crossing finger*