hello earthlings...
there are few things i want to share...

first, i would like to say minal aidzin wal faidzin mohon maaf lahir batin to all

second, i just find out that my camera shutter count reach more than 69,728 (eyes-popping-out)

third, assignments are pain in the ass

fourth, the final destination is super llaaaaaammeeeeee

fifth, i updated my camera firmware, better late than never

sixth, i'm not going back to Indonesia (again) for idul fitri :(

seventh, i'm going to celebrate idul fitri alone :(

eight, i'm planning to do some random trip to genting/frasier's hill/ cameroon/french village/Japanese garden/somewhere cool, anybody want to come along? i have to get out of here!

ninth, i bought a music box, thanks to novia :)

tenth, rabbits like to poop everywhere